Build an R package: the workshop

Learn how to develop an R package properly in R with us on May 24th!

With the 3rd chapter of our “Introduction to R” learning path we continue our journey towards building strong R programming foundations and skills.
With the “Build an R package” workshop, starting from a set of R scripts and functions, you will develop an R package along the way using usethis and devtools packages, you will learn how to deal with package dependency applying renv to the package framework, you will document functions using roxygen2, you will learn about unit tests and how to integrate them in your package using usethis and testthat.

Compared to the past Series this workshop has been split into 2 parts in order to address the more advanced topics with more time and details.

An online hands-on workshop to learn R by programming R.

Build an R package workshop

The workshop will take place on Wednesday May 24th, at 2:30 p.m. CEST (timezone Switzerland), it will be 3.5-hours long and focus on being hands-on. The best way to actually understand new notions and integrate them in your way of working is trying them yourself.

Register at this link before 15/05 and benefit from the early bird discount. Register more people to get an additional discount from the second attendee.

Introduction to R

Learning path: Introduction to R

This workshop is part of a Learning Path of four Wednesday afternoons for a full introduction to R.

It is a natural successor of the 3rd introductory R workshop: Programming R, which takes place on 17/05.

It also provides an helpful background for the following chapter: Become an R developer (scheduled for May 31st).

If you have no or little experience building R packages, you collaborate in a team or you use Version Control (Git) in your project, then it makes sense to register for both workshops, including “Become an R developer” at a discounted price, in order to get a complete view of R Package Building and Hosting.

NOTE: the register for the workshop “Programming R” is open until 15/05 e.o.d..