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New series of articles: Embracing software development»

First article published of the new series: “Embracing software development”. Lessons for nurturing a flourishing software development environment as the foundation of modern business.

Time for a new workshop series!»

After the success of the past series, new workshops are planned for the upcoming months!

Exciting upcoming workshops ahead!»

After the success of the past series, new workshops are planned for the upcoming months!

Scrum Meetings: time wasted or gained?»

Scrum identifies four ceremonies, but is it more or less than the usual time spent in meetings?

Managing Technical Debt in Agile Projects»

Technical debt piling up to a not maintainable project is any software development team nightmare.

Agile for AI and Data Science»

The challenges brought by digitalization and a fast-pacing market call for an agile approach to product/software development and organization structure.

Closing successfully our first workshop series»

Many thanks to all who participated to make our first workshop series a success!

Upcoming workshop: Introduction to Agile»

Last but not least, the workshop ‘Not Agile yet? Experience being part of a scrum team’ will bring to close Mirai first series of workshop in Data Science!

Upcoming Workshops Series Nov/Dec 2020»

Save the dates! Check out our upcoming workshops on some of our favorite topics: R, R-Shiny, DevOps and Agility!

Agile Series: Scrum in Practice Workshop»

It is always easier to understand the benefits of an agile approach once you try it out yourself.

Agile Series: Agile Frameworks»

Following up on our agile series, we are happy to share an overview of the most common agile frameworks.

Agile Series: Common Mistakes when Writing User Stories in Scrum Projects»

As supporters of the agile approach and mindset we are happy to share some of our insight as Scrum practitioners.